About us

CC Limardo

Owner/Voice Over Specialist

CC Limardo is the life-blood of Elite Music Studios. She is a voice talent with 20 years of experience in the industry and 10 of those have been spent running her own recording business. An expert on both sides of the mic, CC can offer your clients quality audio services at a great deal!

Fun Facts:

  • She’s an Aries, but doesn’t believe in astrology (typical Aries)
  • She loves beer & Oysters
  • She can whistle... Like seriously whistle

William Barreto

Studio Manager/Producer/Assistant Engineer

If CC is the life of elite, then William is the heart and soul. A Miami native, with years of experience recording with top talents and agencies, he can manage your project and has fun doing it too! William is also a voiceover actor and coaches talents along with CC.

Fun Facts:

  • He loves beer almost as much as CC
  • He produces music and is a singer
  • He started as an intern

Fabiola Borges

Social Media Coordinator/Producer

Fabi is a gem who has been with Elite from the very beginning! She has been CC’s right hand for years and supported her in logistics and booking. Also, like a good millennial, she has become an expert in social media management and now manages all of our platforms.

Fun Facts:

  • She’s constantly following us with a camera
  • She loves changing her hair color
  • She is Celebrating 10 years at Elite

Gabriel Pulido


Having lived in Europe and in the Americas, Pulido's work often reflects a myriad of influences. He started in music by playing Jazz and popular Latin American standards on the electric organ, to then experiment with synthesizers and studying the drum-set. He has composed music for TV, film, video installations, and live multimedia performances.

Fun Facts:

  • Gabriel Studied at Berklee College of Music
  • His creations have been featured by Le Fresnoy National Art Centre in France
  • CC Limardo was his voiceover coach, many years back

Pepe Rivera


Our beloved Pepe is a musical producer, composer, and engineer from Caracas, Venezuela. He had to privilege of studying at the UCLA school of audio as well as “Ars Nova” in Caracas. Pepe has over 20 years of experience composing and producing for movies, radio & TV. Previous projects include: HBO Latin America Group, McDonald’s, Motorola, Dove, Discovery Networks, Gillette, PepsiCo, Ford, Revlon, Kraft Foods, and Kellogg’s, among many more.

Fun Facts:

  • Pepe plays a multitude of instruments, including: Sax, Guitar, Drums, & Bass
  • He is better known by the alias “Pepesonica”
  • His hobbies include cooking and carpentry

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