Audio recording


The commercial world has grown and changed substantially. Within the past few years, we have seen an increase in ads on social media and digital radio platforms. Our team has the expertise to record and produce quality commercials for any media site and we can even provide expert talents, in a variety of languages, for your spots.


In this changing world, many businesses require updates to their phone systems as well as recorded audio messages within facilities to keep people at a safe distance and prevent the spread of harmful diseases. Stay ahead of the curve and call Elite today for a consultation.


ADR Is the process of re-recording the original dialogue after the filming process to obtain a cleaner and more intelligible dialogue track. We love watching actors perform live scenes and with our potable equipment, we even capability to record them on set! ADR Credits: Rambo V, No Manches Frida II, Coyote Lake, El Recluso, among others.


There is so much useful information in this world as well as thousands of amazing shows and movies in a variety of languages. Dubbing helps to bring these ideas to a new audience while maintaining the original aesthetic.


Audiobooks & podcasts are some of the fastest growing medias in the audio industry! In our time as a studio, we have worked consistently with large publishing houses such as Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Audible to record and produce professional audiobooks. We also work with independent authors/podcasters to help bring their vision to life.

Portable studio Setup

The audio world is all about growth, and it’s up to us to adapt to new circumstances. With the aid of our new portable kit as well as state-of-the-art technology, we can travel to your voice actor and offer our services, FULLY remote. This is ideal for quality Voiceovers, ADR’s, Interviews, Podcasts and more. The sound engineer may be on/off-site and the studio setup is quick & simple. (Included: Interface, Microphone, Headphones, Cables, & Laptop with software downloaded)


Audio post-production


We work with our talented in-house engineer as well as a hand-full of on-call professionals, each with their own unique skills, in order to offer the most well-rounded mixing services possible. With big names such as Apple and the Hard Rock Guitar Hotel under our belt, you can bet on our team.

Sound Design/Foley

Looking to add more life to your project or just want some cool sound effects? From footsteps to background audio and unique Sci-fi SFX, sound design and foley can help bring depth, realism, and excitement to a scene. We have access to countless libraries and can even create these sounds from scratch!

Original Music

We absolutely love creating music for our clients. After all, our name is Elite Music Studios! If you are looking for a unique sound that you can’t find anywhere else, we can be of assistance. Our award-winning producers have the musical ear, with the experience to develop the ideal sound for your project.


This goes without saying, but mastering is crucial for many forms of media, including music and audiobooks. With this tool, we can take an already great mix and add some polish, bringing it to the next level. This process goes hand-in-hand with mixing and prepares the media for final distribution.

Audio solutions

Audio Content Creation

We have years of experience creating content for our clients from scratch. Additionally, with the evolution of the audio world, you can find series, plays, and talk shows in pure audio format for those who are on the go. If you have a creative project in mind, we can help you bring it to life and find the perfect platform to call home.

Voice Casting

Selecting the right voice for your campaign is key. Demos are great, but choosing the correct voice actor can transform your advertisement from simple to extraordinary, so select a voice that evokes the emotion you are looking for. We provide custom castings in order to find the talent that corresponds with your target audience.

Voiceover Resources

Give your business the right voice. At Elite Music Studios we work only with professional actors. The voice over industry is growing faster and stronger than ever, reaching markets linked with emerging technology. Corporate and commercial projects are still the bread and butter jobs for the voice over business, but the increase in voice over demands for videogames, apps, GPs, text to speech, internet publishing, would give talent the chance to stretch their vocal cords more often and have more opportunities to work on different projects.


We are a Bilingual team and we pride ourselves on being able to accurately translate scripts while maintaining the specific message. Don’t have a script? No problem! We can transcribe from video to text and prepare the script for you. Along with our translation services, we can also subtitle your project efficiently and cost effectively.

Top-Notch Audio And Music Production Services In Miami

Technological advancements have enabled voice actors and clients to connect remotely while using tools that allow them to partake in live recording sessions. IPDTL recording, short for IP Down The Line, is a simple way for connecting two remote recording studios, having the recording system in one studio and voice artist in another.
It has made workflow efficient as it allows live content to be captured from multiple remote locations to be managed from a central broadcast hub or recording studio. Although, first time users find IPDTL recording a little chaotic, Elite Music Studios has experts who are trained to provide unparalleled audio production services. They can help you reap several benefits it has to offer, including decreased travel expenses, lower production costs, and elimination of geographic barriers. Get in touch with us to get reliable audio and music production services in Miami.